Spike Lee Shares Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Getting ‘Set Up’ By The Knicks In Handshake Photo With James Dolan

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The James Dolan-Spike Lee drama is beginning to spiral out of control.

The whole thing started when MSG security told Lee that he couldn’t enter through the media entrance anymore.

The Knicks then released a statement claiming Lee had hashed things out with James Dolan and the took shook hands in agreement. Lee called the statement a lie and claims that he had never shaken Dolan’s hand.

The Knicks PR team would then post a pic of Lee and Dolan shaking hands on their Twitter account with a statement slamming Lee.

During a text interview with NY Times Sopan Deb, Lee acknowledged he may have shaken Dolan’s hand but that the picture released on Twitter was planned by the Knicks to make him look bad.

Hopefully, this controversy goes away soon because it’s starting to get real petty and dumb.

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