This 360-Degree Spinning Bowler Gets A Strike, Proves Bumpers Are For Wusses

by 4 years ago


As someone who is a decent bowler and would never compromise the run at a 200-plus score, you can bet your ass I won’t be doing anything to mess up my game.

But, for a dude wearing a Utah Utes basketball jersey, he could give two shits. In fact, he might continue to do his 360-degree, spinning shot if the outcome ends up the same way each time—which, as you can tell by the title, resulted in all 10 pins on the ground.

We’ve all gotten lucky a few times in our life before, hitting a homer over the fence in little league or, for some, getting a hole-in-one on the golf course, but this is something that’s a little bit more impressive given the fact that a bowling ball isn’t exactly the lightest thing to toss down an alley.

And seeing as how his bro does it without the help of ricocheting off of those pussy ass bumpers in the lanes proves that he handles his balls are a little better than your or I do.