German Hurdler Alica Schmidt Shows Off Her Training Camp Workout

German hurdler and sprinter Alica Schmidt

Getty Image / Soeren Stache / picture alliance

German sprinter/hurdler and runway model Alica Schmidt is currently at a training camp in South Africa, or ‘Südafrika’ as she tells it in German.

This is just one stepping stone on the road to making the German National Team for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Being named the ‘world’s sexiest athlete’ by global media outlets hasn’t stunted her athletic success at all. Alica Schmidt has a very realistic shot at making the Olympic Games and recently finished 4th in the 400 meters hurdles and 1st in the 4×200 Meters Relay.

She celebrated those achievements on the track with a ‘500 Days Until Paris‘ video posted to her social medial channels back in March.

With 3.7 million followers on Instagram and 1.1 million followers on TikTok, Alica Schmidt’s workout and training videos are regularly seen by millions and she has emerged as one of Europe’s rising stars. And when she’s not working out, Schmidt is a runway model and walks the catwalk for brands like Boss.

Alica’s latest video shows her training camp workout(s) and her followers love the effort. Here is a video recap of her day:


What my day looks like as an athlete #trackandfield

♬ original sound – Music table

Schmidt also showed off her Boss workout attire on the track:

The black-on-black track attire is a signature look for Alica Schmidt:

On her latest TikTok, her followers wrote:

“Love you, but I don’t understand a word!!”

“Queen of the track.”

The global (outdoor) Track & Field circuit starts up in April and runs through early Summer. So things are just heating up in her world.

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