St. Louis Breaks XFL Attendance Records; Fans Call For NFL To Return To City

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Cooper Neill/Getty Images

After the recent success of the XFL in St. Louis, many are questioning whether the city should receive an NFL team again.

With the three biggest crowds in XFL history all taking place in St. Louis, it’s clear that the city has a passion for football, and fans believe it’s time for the National Football League to make a return.

In 2016, the Rams moved back to Los Angeles, much to the disappointment of St. Louis fans. The move was initiated by majority owner Stan Kroenke, who had purchased land in Inglewood, California for a new stadium. The departure of the Rams was a significant blow to the city, as they had been the home team for over two decades. In 2017, St. Louis sued Kroenke and the NFL over the move to Los Angeles and in 2021, the lawsuit was settled for $790 million.

The situation only worsened when the San Diego Chargers also moved to Los Angeles the following year. However, it seems that LA hasn’t taken to these teams quite as enthusiastically as their former cities did, especially in the case of the Chargers. This raises the question: should the Chargers consider moving to a city that would welcome them with open arms, such as St. Louis?

The recent success of the XFL in St. Louis certainly suggests that the city is a football town through and through. In fact, the three biggest crowds in XFL history all took place in St. Louis, with the largest being a staggering 38,310 fans in attendance during Week 4. This indicates a level of enthusiasm and support that few cities can match.

Of course, the decision to move an NFL team is not one that should be taken lightly. It requires significant investment, careful planning, and a deep understanding of the local market. However, if the Chargers are looking for a new home, St. Louis could certainly make a strong case.

It’s worth noting that St. Louis has a rich football history. The city was home to the Cardinals for many years before they moved to Arizona in 1988, and the Rams played there for over two decades. This legacy has left an indelible mark on the city, and there’s no doubt that St. Louis fans would be thrilled to welcome a new NFL team.

With the recent success of the XFL in St.Louis and a passionate fan base that loves football, the city certainly deserves a closer look. It will be up to the NFL and potential investors to decide whether or not this is a move that makes sense, but the case for St. Louis as an NFL city is certainly a compelling one.