Please Allow the 1986 Los Angeles Rams to Sing You a Song About Football and Doing It

by 5 years ago


In the 1980s, professional sports teams routinely banded together and made cheesy music videos. No one really knows why.

The world was a cold place and we couldn’t trust the Russians. The omnipresent sense of unease had to be addressed somehow, and what better way than through poorly executed song?

This may be hard for some of you younger readers to comprehend, but these videos were very important.

Today we are fortunate enough to have a behind-the-scenes look at the Los Angeles Rams’ 1986 classic Let’s Ram It.

Take a deep breath. You’re in for a 90-second thrill ride.

Is that not the sexiest tune you’ve ever heard? The innuendo is far from subtle.

And how about that ironic O.J. Simpson comment at the end? I was not prepared for such a thrilling kicker.

These types of montages need to come back — and soon. It’s just the elixir to cure all that ails the sporting world.

[H/T: SB Nation]