Here’s Steph Curry Dominating A Basketball Game Back In 8th Grade

This will likely shock you, but Steph Curry‘s incredible basketball talent didn’t just show up right before Davidson’s incredible 2008 NCAA Tournament run.

And I can prove it, with the help of footage of him dominating back in eighth grade.

Sure, the competition isn’t the greatest–even with his NBA dad, Dell, putting forth minimal effort. But you do see flashes of the younger Curry’s game at work. There’s the sharpshooting from distance, the fancy dribbling and snazzy passes we’ve all come to love.

Led by Curry, this ragamuffin group of seventh- and eighth-graders crushed their Toronto competition.

“He was this tiny little guy, but when we put him on the court he was just unbelievable. He was scoring 40 points, 50 points a game, no problem,” gushed James Lackey, the history teacher who coached the Saints during their out-of-nowhere undefeated season of 2001-02. “No one even came close to us that year.”

 Pretty damn impressive considering the relative sloppiness on display from his teammates here.

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