Alleged NSFW Pics Of Steph Curry Somehow Get Leaked Online And The Internet Cannot Stop Making Jokes

Steph Curry Nude Pics Leaked And The Internet Cannot Stop Making Jokes

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Friday, December 20, 2019. That’s the day that the lives of so many people were ruined. No, I am not talking about Steph Curry, or even his wife Ayesha, now that, somehow, nude pics allegedly of the Golden State Warriors star got leaked on to the internet. I am talking about people like me who woke up, logged on to the computer, and were scarred for life by witnessing said photos.

No one seems to know where these pictures came from, nor who leaked them, but they certainly were not released with the consent of the two-time NBA MVP.

Curry has not issued any statement about the photos, yet, which have been spread far and wide on social media, especially on Twitter.

It is there that reactions to the photos are going buck wild with folks trying to out-do one another with jokes at Steph’s expense.

Many are speculating that the photos came from someone other than Ayesha’s phone or computer, while others are just mad that it’s Steph’s photos that got leaked and not hers. Of course, there is also the camp of folks making jokes that Ayesha is going to be jealous of Steph getting more attention and will be leaking hers at some point in the near future.

Here’s just a small sampling of what people are saying about the illicit photo leak…

ASAP Rocky is not impressed.

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