Steph Curry Busted Out An Airplane Celebration After Checking Twitter At Half And Seeing The Random Request

Steph Curry says he busted out a new celebration after checking Twitter at halftime to get motivation

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Did you know that Steph Curry’s Twitter is a place where the three-time champ finds motivation for himself? No, really, according to a former teammate, the Golden State Warriors superstar will occasionally check his feed during halftime to help get him motivated for the rest of the game. That might seem absurd — because, really, Curry can flip a switch at any moment (seemingly) on his own — but, apparently, the sharpshooter needed to use the move for himself during Thursday night’s game against the Cleveland Cavs.

After struggling in the first half against the Cavs — where he shot just 5-for-13, including 0-for-7 from three-point land — Steph Curry went to the locker room searching for some answers. He opened up Twitter, saw a tweet requesting an airplane celebration at some point in the second half, and, boom, he did just that. Take a look below at the thread and chain of events that transpired.

Look, go ahead and argue whether or not a guy like Steph Curry needs to use this type of maneuver in order to get himself motivated or not, but, personally speaking, I think this is awesome. The guy was playing like doo doo in the first half, saw a bunch of people talking crap about him on Twitter, and then went out and did what he does best — dominate, ending the game against the Cavs with 33 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds.

But did Steph Curry’s Twitter account really lead to his incredible second half performance? When asked by the reporter who tweeted the request about the airplane celebration after the game, Curry didn’t even try to hide the reason, giving a sly smirk while giving his reply.

The reporter joked about Steph now opening Pandora’s box — giving every NBA fan insight into his motivational tactics at halftime — but, hey, you think that’s going to stop a two-time league MVP from doing it moving forward? If anything, Steph Curry’s going to do this more often now, with assistant coaches feeding the point guard his phone during timeouts to see what the Twitter trolls are saying, which, inevitably, will lead to him taking over games. The guy is an absolute freak on the basketball court, and it’s crazy to think he can go from struggle bus city to hitting pretty much everything with a simple change in mindset.

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