Stephen A. Smith Doesn’t Think Brian Flores Should’ve Leaked Alleged Bill Belichick Text Messages In Lawsuit

Stephen A. Smith: Brian Flores Shouldn't Have Leaked Belichick's Texts

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  • Stephen A. Smith has reacted to the Brian Flores lawsuit.
  • Smith explained why he doesn’t think Flores should’ve leaked the alleged Bill Belichick texts.
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Stephen A. Smith made it clear on Wednesday’s edition of ‘First Take’ that Brian Flores has his support after the former Miami Dolphins head coach filed a lawsuit against the NFL. He also made it clear that he didn’t agree with Flores leaking alleged texts from Bill Belichick in the lawsuit.

Smith believes that Flores leaking private texts makes people “uncomfortable” and him doing so could make potential employers distance themselves.

“When you reveal private text messages, that makes people feel uncomfortable,” Smith said.

“Because when you do stuff like that, white people come to work with a job to do every day, black folks come with a responsibility.”

So when you show yourself being someone willing to reveal private text messages, that is the kind of thing that makes people reluctant to talk to you,” Smith continued.

Brian Flores And The Alleged Bill Belichick Texts

Flores’ lawsuit included screenshots showing alleged texts from the Patriots’ head coach.

Belichick allegedly sent Flores a text congratulating Flores on getting the New York Giants head coaching job.

There was a problem, Flores had yet to interview with the Giants at the time of the text.

From there, Belichick allegedly sent follow-up messages explaining that he heard from both the Buffalo Bills and the Giants that “you” are their guy. The “you” that Belichick was referring to was another Brian, Brian Daboll, who the Giants went on to hire.

Flores asked Belichick if he thought he was texting him or Daboll, in which Belichick allegedly admitted that he messed up and thought he was talking with Daboll.

The alleged texts are obviously an important piece to the lawsuit. If the allegations are true, it exposes the Giants for interviewing Flores just to meet the requirements of the Rooney Rule.