Tedy Bruschi Busts Out A Bitter Beer Face When Stephen A. Smith Brutally Butchers Chargers-Chiefs Analysis


The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday Night Football in a highly anticipated AFC West matchup. Stephen A. Smith is so excited about the game that he displayed a 30-second brain fart. Tedy Bruschi and Max Kellerman cannot contain their bewilderment.

In a 38-second clip, Stephen A. Smith managed to make the following blunders:

  • Didn’t know Chiefs’ Spencer Ware was out this week with shoulder and hamstring injuries.
  • Didn’t know Hunter Henry has been on the PUP list all season after tearing his ACL before the season began.
  • Didn’t know Derrick Johnson no longer plays for the Chiefs. Not only that, Johnson was released by the Raiders in October.
  • Didn’t know the Chargers relocated to Los Angeles this season, still referring to them as the ‘San Diego Chargers.’

When you’re on a flight to France and realize you left your eight year old kid at home and you’re a shitty parent…

Stephen A. Smith has responded to the droves of people mocking him on social media, who didn’t stop after the apology.

Stay off the weed, SAS.

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