This Stephen A. Smith Video Of Him Trolling The Cowboys And Their Fans Deserves Some Sort Of Award

stephen a smith cowboys


Even if you don’t keep up with Stephen A. Smith or watch ‘First Take’ there’s still a very strong chance you’ve seen the man do three things: yell ‘stay off the weeeeeeeed,’ make fun of the Dallas Cowboys and call Aaron Rodgers a ‘baddddd man.’ Those are sort of the man’s go-to’s.

With the Packers throttling the Cowboys in Dallas on Sunday 34-24, two of his biggest world’s collided.

The Cowboys have now lost two in a row while the Packers are 4-1 on the year and sit atop the NFC North.

Smith of course had to go after the Cowboys, their fans and how they’ve been irrelevant since winning the Super Bowl back in 1995.

It’s nearly a two-minute cold opening from Smith and he knocked the thing out of the park. I honestly believe he texted his team, maybe even just walked in this morning, and said alright I need a few interns to sit in a conference room that can be serious for about 2 minutes while I throw on this cowboy hat and make fun of the Cowboys.

“Not one but two straight losses, two straight losses” and when he points at each person asking “are you gonna to be alright, you gonna be alright, you gonna be alright” are just some of the key takeaways here.

Smith has done it yet again, folks.