Stephen A. Smith’s ESPN Office Window Had An Enormous Vulture Crash Through It And The Damage Was Wild

stephen a smith green screen reactions


Stephen A. Smith attracts all sorts of attention from people for some of his hot sports takes, but they typically come in the form of reactions on Twitter or online, not from broken glass in his ESPN office — well, I hope, anyway. That changed today, though, because an enormous turkey vulture apparently flew through the window of Stephen A.’s office today, leaving an enormous hole that, thankfully, was captured in some pictures for all of us to see.

Smith’s fellow ESPN colleague, Trey Wingo, was first to report the incident on Twitter, which led to a few other tweets with pictures of the wild damage and subsequent attempt to get the bird out. While the whole thing is wild, what’s crazier is that, after busting through the glass, the vulture was still just roaming around Stephen A. Smith’s office, according to Wingo’s tweet.

That’s pretty nuts, but not as nuts as the damage the bird did to the window, which left a hole about two feet high and one foot wide. Here’s a look at some of the photos people at the scene snapped and posted to Twitter.

As that last tweet shows, animal control was called in to try and remove the giant vulture from Stephen A. Smith’s office — who, thankfully, wasn’t in the damn thing when the incident occurred — with a glass removal service helping to safely get the bird out without too much damage. Of course, once word broke about the wild occurrence, Stephen A. took to Twitter to reply.

This is one of the crazier things I’ve ever seen. I mean, sure, birds stupidly fly into windows on occasion, but for a vulture to do it and crash through the office window of a guy like Stephen A. Smith is almost more rare than winning the lottery.

(H/T Sports Illustrated)

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