Stephen A. Smith Reignites Rumors That Stefon Diggs ‘Wants Out Of Buffalo’ Despite Conflicting Reports

Stephen A. Smith and Stefon Diggs

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It wasn’t that long ago when Stefon Diggs shut down rumors claiming he wanted to move on from the Buffalo Bills.

However, that discussion was reignited on Monday after Stephen A. Smith claimed that his sources tell him that Diggs “wants out of Buffalo.”

Back on July 26, Bills beat reporter Sal Capaccio asked Diggs point blank if he “still wants to retire a Buffalo Bill.” The superstar wide receiver’s answer was “100 percent.”

Fast forward to August 21, and Stephen A. Smith stirs the pot with his latest statement about the Bills. Apparently, ESPN’s top analyst is under the impression that things aren’t going well in Buffalo.

I know Smith works for ESPN and everything, but this gives a “just trust me, bro” kind of vibe, doesn’t it?

Not a single reporter has claimed that Stefon Diggs wants out of Buffalo. Especially considering the superstar wide receiver himself stated that he wants to retire with the Bills.

Luckily, Diggs took to social media to clear the air, as he calls Stephen A. Smith’s claims “not true.”

“100% not true. I don’t know who the source is but I thought I nip this s*** in the bud already.”

The superstar wide receiver then followed it up claiming he’s with “Bills Mafia through and through.”

So, take Smith’s statement with a grain of salt.

Based on Diggs’ immediate reaction, it’s safe to say the reports of him being happy in Buffalo are true. Let’s move on to the next subject, please.