Stephen A Smith Rips ESPN Writers To Shreds And Says They Need To Be Drug Tested Over Awful Best NBA Players Under 25 List

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Stephen A Smith is not happy with ESPN’s writers.

On Tuesday, ESPN NBA writers Bobby Marks, Kevin Pelton, and Mike Schmitz ranked their top 25 players under age 25 based on future potential in a list that was skewered by the Internet.

The list was so bad that even Smith tore into it on this morning’s edition of ‘First Take’ and said anybody who to do with the list needed to drug tested by the company because they were clearly out of it.

“I love LaMelo Ball, but it’s stuff like this that diminishes the credibility of ESPN,”

“ESPN needs to drug test anyone who had something to do with this. It makes no sense. LaMelo Ball before Devin Booker, really? LaMelo Ball before Donovan Mitchell, really? LaMelo Ball before Jayson Tatum, really? I mean, what the hell is going on? I believe that ESPN should call security right now and go to whoever put this list together – line them up and test every one of them.”

Some vintage Stephen A. Smith here.