Stephen A. Smith Says Sources Have Told Him LeBron James Could Leave Cleveland

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Say what you want to about the outspoken and obnoxious Stephen A. Smith, but the longtime journalist didn’t get to where he did in his career by just yelling and making shit up. And because God Hates Cleveland—I should know, I grew up nearby—everything that Smith says about LeBron James leaving the Cavs at season’s end should be taken with extreme seriousness.

That’s why what Smith told Jorge & Izzy on ESPN Radio yesterday should worry my fellow Cavs fans, because, according to Stephen A., he has heard from LeBron’s inner circle that the four-time league MVP could bolt… if James feels like the franchise is taking him for granted.

Here’s the full segment from Smith on Jorge & Izzy:


Of course, after the backlash that followed him when he left for the Miami Heat in 2010, James would be an absolute moron to ditch the city of Cleveland again, and would, no joke, have to hire a team of security guards who work around the clock that some psycho from Northeast Ohio wouldn’t try and snap James’ legs in half, but, if it means adding more titles to his resume in order to build his legacy, he may just do it.

Let’s not forget about all the cryptic tweets that LeBron’s been tossing out this week, along with the video above of him working out and having a good old time with former Heat teammate and longtime friend, Dwyane Wade, which, as a Cavs fan, definitely isn’t contradicting Smith’s proclamation.

There’s a reason LeBron James continues to sign one-year deals with the Cavs—to give him leverage and keep the pressure on the front-office to contend for titles—so, should he feel that’s not happening, Stephen A. believes No. 23 may just end up with a different zip code.

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