Stephen A. Smith Had The Only Reaction That Mattered After The Knicks Lost Out On Zion Williamson

stephen a smith knicks zion draft reaction


There’s certainly nothing wrong with a little bit of optimism in life but I don’t think most people would be super thrilled to hear they only have a 14% chance of having their dreams come true.

However, plenty of New York Knicks fans refused to let facts get in the way of their feelings ahead of last night’s NBA draft lottery—in which they technically had the best chance to land the rights to select standout prospect Zion Williamson—with at least one person being confident enough to get a tattoo that predicted a future that ultimately never panned out.

When everything was said and done, the Pelicans landed the top pick and the rights to bring Williamson to New Orleans, which was met with much rejoicing from the members of the ticket office who realized there’s a new star in town (even if the other is still on his way out).

Coach Alvin Gentry was also rightfully amped.

Knicks fans, on the other hand, reacted exactly how you’d expect them to—including Stephen A. Smith, who apparently decided the best way to deal with yet another L was to sequester himself inside a dark room and share his pain with the world.

I know you shouldn’t take pleasure in other people’s pain but sometimes our man Stephen makes it a little too easy. If it was any other team, I’d say “maybe next year” but it’s not, so I won’t.