Stephen A. Smith Got Roasted For Saying Michael Jordan Changed Basketball For The Worse

Stephen A Smith Michael Jordan Changed Basketball For The Worse

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  • On Wednesday, the crew of First Take discussed how Steph Curry and Michael Jordan changed basketball.
  • During the discussion, Stephen A. Smith said Jordan actually changed the game for the worse.
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Stephen A. Smith is no stranger to saying things that upset people. It’s part of his stock and trade.

On Wednesday’s episode of First Take, he was back at it again during a discussion of how Steph Curry and Michael Jordan changed the game of basketball.

“People say he changed the game,” Smith said in reference to Curry. “No. He elevated it to a point where it was acceptable because you are looking for somebody close, in the vicinity, of what he does, and Klay Thompson does, to a lesser degree.”

After blaming Mike D’Antoni for making the game all about three pointers when he coached the Phoenix Suns, Smith shared his take on how Michael Jordan changed the game… for the worse.

“Here’s the deal,” Smith began. “My brother, the guy I love so much, that I believe is the greatest player to have ever played. Michael Jordan is responsible, as much as anybody, for changing the game for the worse!”

Stephen A. Smith tried to explain how Michael Jordan made basketball worse

“Stay with me on this,” he continued. “This is throwing no shade on Michael Jordan. He’s the greatest ever, in my estimation. Number one. But he was so phenomenal that the NBA marketed the individual and the game became a bit more individualized because people wanted to be like Mike.”

After comparing MJ to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, saying they were more “team” players, Smith added, “What I’m saying here is you were thinking team until Jordan elevated it to another level. Then you had the Kobes, the Vince Carters, and the others that came along thereafter. And the individualization of the sport, particularly because of the money that came with it, became more of a focal point.”

For what it’s worth, Steve Kerr, Steph Curry’s own coach, recently blamed Stephen Curry for changing the way kids play the game of basketball because of all of his success shooting three-pointers. But sure, Mike D’Antoni can definitely share some of the blame in that regard.

However, saying Michael Jordan made the game of basketball worse? No matter how you try to spin that, NBA fans aren’t having it.