Steve Kerr Says It’s Stephen Curry’s Fault For Changing The Way Kids Play Basketball Today

Steve Kerr Says Stephen Curry Changed The Way Kids Play Basketball

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  • Steve Kerr recently blamed Stephen Curry for changing the way kids play the game of basketball.
  • The Warriors coach made this revelation while sharing a story about watching kids launch three-pointers with reckless abandon.
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Every now and then a superlative talent appears in a sport that literally changes how others play the game. People like Wayne Gretzky, Babe Ruth, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, and, according to Golden State Warriors head coach, Stephen Curry.

On Monday, during his introduction as the new head coach of the USA Men’s Basketball Team, Steve Kerr was asked how much influence one of his Warriors players, Stephen Curry – the newly crowned all-time leader in three-pointers – has had on the game.

Steve Kerr says it is a blessing to coach Stephen Curry

“Um, that’s a very broad and open-ended question,” Kerr responded.

“I’ll tell you a quick quick story. We were in Boston the other night and before the game there was a game with 10 year-olds being played on the main court and it was on our screen as we came in for our pre-game, you know, walked our pre-game scout. We walk in, the game’s on, all guys are watching it, all the coaches are watching it, and about seven straight possessions, these 10 year-old kids launched three-pointers, and I turned to Steph, and I said, ‘Steph, this is all your fault.’

“And all you have to do is look at all the young players coming up. Whether they are 10 years-old, or 21, or 19 coming into the NBA for the first time, everybody wants to launch from three,” Kerr continued. “He’s changed the game probably forever. Beyond that, though, for me, just the way Steph carries himself, and the way he is so coachable just sets a tone here for the Warriors. He’s the face of our franchise, and I’m incredibly blessed to coach him.”

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