Mets Owner Steve Cohen Takes Ruthless, Steaming Dump On Team’s Offense For The Whole World To See

steve cohen mets owner

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The New York Mets are, to put it lightly, a dumpster fire. Now, to be clear, they’re a dumpster fire in relation to regular MLB clubs — in terms of Mets-specific dumpster fires, this is only about a 5/10. Pretty par for the course, all things considered: start out hot, fall apart when it matters most, implode. Rinse and repeat.

What makes it painful this year, though, is that *this year* was supposed to be different following Steve Cohen’s purchase of the team. No longer were the Mets under the control of the anemic Wilpons: Uncle Stevie was here to save the day.

Alas, that has not been the case: while the Mets have spent a majority of the season in first place, they never really looked all that convincing thanks to their joke of an offense. But then the All-Star break rolled around and the wheels have completely fallen off since, with the team seemingly on the verge of rock bottom.

The Mets have lost five straight games and as a result, are below .500 for the first time since May and now find themselves 4 1/2 games out of first place in the NL East. All told, the Amazins’ are 5-14 in their last 19 games and 24-34 in their last 58 games. If it weren’t for the tragically awful Pittsburgh Pirates and Texas Rangers, they’d have the worst offense in baseball. It’s simply diabolically terrible stuff and Steve Cohen has seen enough.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday morning following yet another embarrassing loss, Cohen absolutely blasted the team’s offensive production, wondering how “professional hitters” could be so bad at their job:

Cohen’s comments will either have one of two effects: it will either light a fire under the team’s ass and prompt a response on the field, or send them further spiraling into nothingness. Given it’s the New York Mets, I’ve got a feeling it’ll be the latter. Good thing I bought tickets to a Phillies game in late September expecting a playoff atmosphere! Yikes.

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