Team Doctors Reportedly Told Steve Kerr That Kevin Durant ‘Couldn’t Get More Hurt’ Before He Injured His Achilles During Game 5

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After sitting out for 4 weeks under careful guidance from Warriors team doctors after sustaining a calf strain during a playoff game vs the Houston Rockets, the Warriors organization decided Kevin Durant was healthy enough to play in game 5 of the NBA finals.

While Durant looked good early on in the game, he would later go down with another leg injury in the second quarter.

After the game, WarriorsGM Bob Myers confirmed that Durant had suffered an Achilles injury during an emotional press conference.

While on the midnight edition of Sportscenter ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols claims that head coach Steve Kerr said that the team doctors had told him that Durant “couldn’t get more hurt” and that had “passed that threshold”.

During the postgame press conference, Kerr was asked if he had any regrets about playing Durant and he said he was going to “leave that to Bob Myers”.

There’s certainly going to be to plenty of reports about what went on behind the scenes that made the Warriors think Durant was healthy enough to play.