Steve Smith Came Through With an Amazing Diss Last Night

Really, really great.

By the end of the game, Smith had briefly left the game with a chest injury and Talib had permanently left the game with a hip injury. (They both came into Charlotte banged up, but nearly 60 minutes of beating the shit out of each other probably didn't help matters.) After Carolina won under… controversial… circumstances, the NFL Network caught up with Smith for a priceless interview. “ICE UP, SON” is the early front-runner for NFL quote of the year:

Smith wasn't done! (We didn't call him the best hothead in the NFL a few weeks ago for nothing.) In the locker room, Smith called Talib yet another “notch in the bedpost.” (Yet another.) Talib, to his credit, didn't take the bait, saying he had “nothing to talk about with Smith.”

But Smith seems to have made waves down south: