Steve Smith Is Going to Destroy the Carolina Panthers Next Season

As soon as Steve Smith was released by the Panthers today, everyone (including me) made a variation on the same joke: Smith is insane and he’s going to make Carolina pay. You don’t just release a 13-year vet and leading member of the NFL’s hyper-competitive team and expect things to be okay.

Today, Smith did nothing to dispel that joke.

In an interview with WFNZ’s Bustin’ Loose with Frank Garcia—that appears to be the actual name of the radio show—Smith began by saying he had nothing but love for the city of Charlotte and Panthers owner Jerry Richardson.

The same could not be said for general manager Dave Gettleman, who never met with Smith prior to releasing him today. Gettleman had awoken a “sleeping giant” in Smith. AND NOW HE’S GONNA PAY. 

“[Any team that takes me] is going to get the best, in-shape 35-year old guy that they can possibly get. And if that happens to run through Bank of America Stadium, put your goggles on because there’s going to be blood and guts everywhere.”

Smith is Jules from Pulp Fiction, taking a bite of a Big Kahuna burger and staring at the Panthers schedule. He wants to play for either the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers or Seattle Seahawks because they are traveling to Charlotte this year. He will take a pay cut of 100% to make this happen.

Smith may lead the league in receiving this year. Put your fucking goggles on.

[H/T: CBS; Photo: Bob Donnan/USA Today Sports]