Steve Spurrier Drops A Wide Open Touchdown Pass In South Carolina’s Spring Game

Todd Bennett/GettyImages

Leading by example is evidently not in Steve Spurrier’s coaching arsenal.

The South Carolina head coach and former Heisman Trophy winner (1966) was in attendance for South Carolina’s spring game on Saturday and probably regrets it. South Carolina’s spring games, which was only kind of football, saw ESPN hosts as referees and a bunch more tomfoolery.

One of the most entertaining parts of the contest was when the 72-year-old tried catching a 30-yard meatball in the back of the end zone. He was wide open and could not have muffed it more. Check it out below:

When you make it all the way back to her place but remember that you popped an adderall and there’s no way your jimmy is going to come to life…

[h/t Sports Illustrated]