Steve Spurrier Made a Tremendous Face While Listening to Nick Saban Talk


Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban appeared on ESPN this afternoon because, c’mon, producers know television gold when they see it.

At one point, the Alabama coach was asked how the sells his recruits on playing time. Now, I wasn’t watching to tell you exactly what the notorious over-signer said, but The Old Ball Coach was listening intently.

Spurrier must have found the answer dubious, because he made the exact face a person makes when they hear something they find dubious.

Some network should develop a reality series where these two share an apartment. The drama would be off the charts.

You’d have Spurrier doing his weird workout routine in a common space and Saban overfilling the cupboards with oatmeal pies.

The idea simply can’t miss.

[Via @ChrisVannini]