People Are Stealing The Heads Off LeBron James Space Jam 2 Toys To Make TikTok Videos

LeBron James Toy/Walmart

  • Social media users noticed the heads of LeBron James Space Jam 2 toys are being mysteriously torn off their bodies at local retailers
  • People are apparently stealing the LeBron heads to make TikTok videos
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People are stealing LeBron James heads from Space Jam 2 toys and it’s all because of a TikTok meme.

Over the weekend several users on Twitter noticed Space Jam 2 toys featuring LeBron James had their heads mysteriously torn off their bodies.

Apparently TikTokers are using the stolen LeBron heads to make viral TikTok videos. The TikTok meme appears to have started with Jacobhndrxx who stole a LeBron head and uploaded a video of himself playing with it as a remixed version of original Space Jam theme song plays in the background.

After Jacobhndrxx’s TikTok garnered nearly 2 million views and over a hundred thousand likes copycats started to pop up with their stolen LeBron head videos.

Eventually some Walmarts smartened up and locked away the LeBron James Space Jam 2 toys so TikTokers wouldn’t be able to steal the heads.

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