Summerslam 2014 results — Brock Lesnar walks away with WWE heavyweight championship

Summerslam 2014 results

The Summerslam 2014 results saw three title changes, a tag team break-up, a lumberjack melee and a main event that will make the Cenation weep in their wristbands.

Summerslam 2014 is in the books. The event was booked solid from top to bottom with solid matches, proven WWE performers and really only one “eh, we’ll give it a couple minutes” match in Brie Bella versus Stephanie McMahon.

Summerslam 2014 was loaded with talent in the ring, outside the ring as lumberjacks and on the sidelines with a top of the show appearance from Hulk Hogan.

Without further ado, here at the Summerslam 2014 results.

Summerslam 2014 results

Summerslam 2014 results

PRE-SHOW MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro

Rob Van Dam and Cesaro slugged it out in the Summerslam 2014 pre-show. Call it Raw rewind that’s happened too many times but both guys can go. I’d rather see Cesaro on the main card but it could have been worse for the “Swiss Superman” — he could have been watching from a TV at a Ramada Inn. Cesaro’s descent down the WWE ladder continues with a pre-Summerslam loss to Rob Van Dam as RVD nails the Five Star frogsplash for the win.

WINNER: Rob Van Dam

Summerslam 2014 results

MATCH ONE: The Miz (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Intercontential Championship

“The Show Off” squared off against “The Money Maker” with the WWE Intercontential Championship on the line. Ziggler has been a mini-streak on TV as of late (mini-streak meaning “not losing and making everyone in the company look good) and The Miz came back from a movie hiatus to win the Intercontinental strap. I’m fine with either guy walking out with the W but in the end it was Dolph Ziggler nailing the Zig Zag and walking away the new Intercontinental champion leaving Miz in a fit of rage on the outside.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler (new Intercontinental Champion)

Summerslam 2014 results

MATCH TWO: AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige for the WWE Divas Championship

Divas Champion AJ Lee squared off against frenemy Paige for the WWE Divas Championship. I’m hoping these Summerslam 2014 results don’t bring an end to the AJ and Paige storyline since they’re really the only two entertaining Divas on the roster at the moment. Paige won the match with a DDT out of nowhere and recaptures the WWE Divas Championship. The match ends with Paige also capture a hug from a stunned AJ so it looks like this feud will continue at least for the next month.

WINNER: Paige (new Divas Champion)

Summerslam 2014 results

MATCH THREE: Jack Swagger vs. Rusev

The prize at the end of the Jack Swagger and Rusev tussle wasn’t WWE gold but a flag as the two men fought in the toughest capture the flag game ever sanctioned by the WWE. In my opinion, Rusev walks away the winner no matter the outcome but I’m basing that solely on taking home Lana. Rusev takes the match with The Accolade and ambushes Zeb Colter after the match as he’s checking on a fall Jack Swagger. Rusev adds insult to injury by draping the Russian flag over Zeb as his national anthem plays over the house system.


Summerslam 2014

MATCH FOUR: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Congratulations to all of the WWE Superstars who didn’t make it on the Summerslam 2014 card for at least getting a spot on the PPV. The lumberjacks in the Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins match surrounded the ring, which made sense, since Ambrose would want to take it to the floor and Ambrose would hightail it out when things looked bleak. But let the Summerslam 2014 results show that every Lumberjack got involved and Seth Rollins walked away with a win after a cheap shot with his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Summerslam 2014 results

MATCH FIVE: Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were banned from ringside so that Chris Jericho could finally get a fair fight against Bray Wyatt. Jericho has been a decent adversary for Wyatt, at least in the ring, though Bray has taken the upper hand in most encounters between the two. The match Bray Wyatt, even without his family, comes out on top hitting two Sister Abigails (one on the outside and one in the ring) for the victory.

WINNER: Bray Wyatt

Summerslam 2014 results

MATCH SIX: Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella

No more arrests. No more contract signings. No more fake cops, un-moveable desks and Nikki Bella getting double teamed (not like that, you pervs) every week on WWE TV. And please, for the love of Christ, no more SAG-rejected trainers claiming to have said “YES!” to taking the D from Daniel Bryan. This bout between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon will hopefully bring this whole uninterested feud to an end. Sadly, it won’t, because a swerve with Nikki Bella laying out her sister so Stephanie could get the pin will continue this storyline for at least a few more weeks.

WINNER: Stephanie McMahon

Summerslam 2014 results

MATCH SEVEN: Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns comes out with brand new ring gear and hopefully doesn’t have the same old match with Randy Orton on a PPV. Orton and Reigns have been feuding and wrestling in some variation over the last handful of PPVs. Both men will use a victory here to catapult themselves in the WWE heavyweight title picture at the next PPV. A solid match from top to bottom with the highlight being the Superman punch countered into an RKO but only for a two count. Reigns sweeps the leg during a punt kick attempt and nails the spear on a dazed Orton for the victory.

WINNER: Roman Reigns

MATCH EIGHT: John Cena (c) vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Heavyweight Championship

In the main event, the unstoppable face that is John Cena faces off against his most intimidating opponent to date in the form of the immoveable (unless you count that side-to-side hopscotch bounce) that is Brock Lesnar. The match had all the makings of a classic, mostly because Cena versus Lesnar hasn’t been seen five hundred times on WWE TV and pay-per-views.

Cena mounted an early offensive advantage but Brock eventually came back strong. Cena slapped on the STF but Lesnar countered and broke free. Lesnar hits the F5 and pins Cena.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and my client, Brock Lesnar is the NEW WWE Heavyweight Champion.

WINNER: Brock Lesnar (new WWE World Heavyweight Champion)


Rob Van Dam defeats Cesaro (pre-show)
Dolph Ziggler defeats The Miz
Paige defeats AJ Lee
Rusev defeats Jack Swagger
Seth Rollins defeats Dean Ambrose
Bray Wyatt defeats Chris Jericho
Stephanie McMahon defeats Brie Bella
Roman Reigns defeats Randy Orton
Brock Lesnar defeats John Cena

The first segment of Raw tomorrow night will be the most interesting in a very long time.

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