Suns C Deandre Ayton Has Words For Patrick Beverley After He Was Shoved During Wild Finish

Suns C Deandre Ayton Has Words For Patrick Beverley After Wild Finish

Getty Image / Craig Hudson for The Washington Post

The game between the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers got ugly in the closing minutes after Patrick Beverley shoved Deandre Ayton to the ground. It was a wild way to end the contest, but in the end, Ayton got the last laugh as his team won. Now, the star center finally reacts to the altercation with Pat Bev.

Here’s a quick clip of a heated moment between the two teams. The Suns’ center was pretty much just standing there and was too close to Austin Reeves for Beverley’s comfort. However, the Lakers guard comes out of nowhere and shoves Deandre Ayton to the ground.

During the altercation, Ayton very clearly chose to not react to Patrick Beverley’s hostility, per Duane Rankin. That’s probably for the best, as the Suns won’t lose their star center. Meanwhile, Beverley may be suspended, putting the Lakers in a rough spot at the guard position.

The NBA can get physical at times. However, Patrick Beverley’s actions were uncalled for. Luckily, Ayton chose peace over violence as that could have turned into an incredibly ugly situation.

We’ll see how the league reacts to the late-game altercation between the Suns and the Lakers. There could be a fine and possibly a suspension.