Chris Paul’s Latest Update Reveals Suns Might Not Be Ready To Part Ways

Chris Paul

Getty Image / Alex Goodlett

The Phoenix Suns find themselves in the same situation they’ve been in the past several years after getting bounced out of the NBA Playoffs yet again.

This time though, the organization decided to let go of head coach Monty Williams in an attempt to change things up.

Meanwhile, there has been a ton of speculation that players like Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton could be traded this offseason.

However, the latest update regarding Chris Paul indicate the exact opposite. According to Bleacher Report, Phoenix is “likely to guarantee the full salary of star guard Chris Paul for the 2023-24 season.”

Bleacher Report provides details on Pauls’ contract situation as well.

“Paul, 38, is only guaranteed $15.8 million of his $30.8 million wage if he were to be waived by the June 28 deadline. Phoenix still maintains some flexibility with the decision, but the franchise is currently of the mindset that Paul will open up next season as the team’s starting point guard.”

So this update on Chris Paul makes it seem like he’ll be in Phoenix for at least one more season.

As for the head coaching search, one name might need to be crossed of the list. Apparently, the Los Angeles Clippers are opting to give Ty Lue a new deal, per Bleacher Report.

These talks spurred from the rumors swirling around the Suns potentially being interested in pursuing Lue as their new head coach.

“Tyronn Lue’s representatives met with the team this week to discuss the coach’s future with the organization. This meeting comes on the heels of Marc Stein’s report that the Phoenix Suns are expected to explore the possibility of poaching Lue from the Clippers. If both sides were to agree to an expanding the pact, it would likely come in the form of a new deal rather than an extension.”

With that said, Phoenix is already conducting head coaching interviews, starting with Kevin Young, who was the associate head coach on the Suns under Monty Williams.

Reports indicate that, “Young appears to have the backing of many Suns’ players.”

It’s going to be a busy offseason for this team. Between the head coaching search and the latest Chris Paul update, Phoenix will be a team to monitor closely throughout the offseason.