Super Bowl Fans Are Blowing Up Tinder In Arizona And There’s A Deflated Balls Joke In Here Somewhere

by 3 years ago


This weekend’s Super Bowl has the state of Arizona all worked up. It’s got nothing to do with the game. Super Bowl attendees want to find someone to touch their deflated balls over the long weekend and I WARNED YOU ABOUT THE DEFLATED BALLS JOKE!

TMZ Sports is reporting that Tinder usage in the Arizona area is spiking more than the balls meant to kill the play clock.

We spoke to our Tinder sources (we have them) and they tell us … since Wednesday activity in the Phoenix area — where the game is being played — has “tremendously spiked.”

We’re also told … with 300,000 people expected for the big game some type of upswing is normal — with other sporting events like the World Cup and Olympics (hello Olympic village) seeing the same thing — but they can’t explain why usage shot up so far ahead of the big event this time.

It only makes sense. Think of the average Super Bowl attendee and you’ll imagine a dude in his late 30s to early 40s, away from his family for a long weekend, with MORE THAN ENOUGH free time on his hands before Sunday. I’d imagine the only thing hotter than Tinder in Arizona is a Phoenix stripper’s vagina because it’s a desert and the deflated ball joke was the best I’ve got so…

[H/T: TMZ Sports]

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