$28 Sandwich, $15 Popcorn, $14 Bottled Beer, Here Are The Ridiculously Expensive Concession Prices At Super Bowl LIV In Miami

Getty Image

This weekend’s Super Bowl LIV in Miami is shaping out to be one of the most expensive sporting events of all-time.

According to tickpick.com the average get-in price on the day of the game has surpassed $6,000.

Of course this year’s prices at concession stands are steep as well.

We have our first look at the concession prices at Hard Rock Stadium and people are going to be paying $15 for popcorn, $14 for a bottle of Bud Light,. Refillable 32 oz. sodas are $15, a personal pizza is $14 and there’s even a $28 carved beef tenderloin sandwich. Ouch.

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