The Super Bowl Streaker Escapes With A Slap On The Wrist After Shilling For X-Rated Website Of Dirtbag YouTuber

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

As I type this, a full 12 hours after the Super Bowl LV, I am still grappling over the question on everyone’s mind: why bother streaking during a football game, any football game, if you’re just going to take a dive at the one-yard line?

This infuriates me far more than the $500 bet I flushed down the toilet.

The streaker and Boca Raton native, Yuri Andrade, was put up to it by YouTuber and dirtbag Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. The pink leotard read “Vitaly Uncensored,” free publicity for his porn site and likely $5.6 million less than buying a commercial spot that couldn’t have produced the spontaneous electricity of Kevin Harlan.

Zdorovetskiy himself has ran onto the field during World Series and World Cup games, has had several more serious run-ins with the law, including a violent assault on a female jogger in Miami Beach last year and a five-day stint in an Egyptian prison after climbing the pyramids.

While it’s unknown how he wrangled Yuri Andrade into the stunt, the price to pay was slim: one night and jail and a $500 posted bond the following morning.

Zdorovetskiy did not appreciate TMZ calling the dude who ran onto the field in a pink thong leotard an “idiot.”

This ass clown and woman beater has 10 million YouTube subscribers and his x-rated site probably enjoyed a late-night surge (especially from Chiefs fans) because of his latest stunt. The world is a lot of things, but just it is not.