This Supercut Of Korean Baseball Bat Flips Is F*cking Magnificent

by 3 years ago
korean baseball bat flip supercut

YouTube - Giants TV

Whoever decided that bat flips after jacking some weak sauce out of the yard was against the unwritten rules of baseball needs to watch this video.

Baseball (and I am a fan) is already about the most boring fucking sport to watch on Earth so who cares if a pitcher, who gave up a meatball, gets his feelings hurt? This video actually MAKES me WANT to watch the game.

These bat flips by players in the Korean League are 50 times more entertaining than anything I’ve seen in the past four months of the MLB season. Also, I don’t see their pitchers getting all butt-hurt when it happens. They got GOT and they just deal with it.

Hell, even the announcers seem more fun.

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