Two People Follow The ‘Superhero Workout’ That Got Chris Evans Ripped For ‘Captain America’ And The Results Are Nuts

by 3 years ago

Steve Zim is the owner of A Tighter U, a gym located in Culver City, California (also where one of BroBible’s offices is located!). He’s an author, a personal trainer to the stars, and he gained a lot of notoriety after whipping Chris Evans into shape in just 5 weeks, giving him the now infamous triangle musculature seen in Captain America.

In order to test out what it’s like to train to become a superhero, BuzzFeed sent two employees, a man and a woman, to Steve Zim’s gym and had the pair bust their asses for 30 days. I can show you pictures of the before and after results, but I really think it’s worth your time to spend the few minutes of your day watching this clip and actually seeing what goes into a 30-day body transformation.

It’s impressive as hell, and frankly, I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that someone (two people!!!) got paid to do this. Imagine if someone approached you at work and said ‘Hey, you, I want to hire one of the best personal trainers in the world and force you to work out for 5 weeks so you can look jacked as hell at the end of the month.’…Is that not the dream?

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