Someone Made A Periodic Table Of Suspension Exercises — Follow It And You’ll Be Ripped By Summer

suspension training ripped


I gave up on weight training. After twenty years of lifting dumbbells and barbells, I’m quitting cold turkey for two reasons. The first reason is because I’m bored as hell of it and the second reason is because my body is breaking down. Don’t get old. Just don’t.

But I’m not just going to up and get fat. Then I’d be miserable. I started messing around with the suspension trainers at the gym and they’re a) not boring and b) give me a pretty solid workout. The only problem is I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Drumroll. This Chart.

The Periodic Table of Suspended Bodyweight exercises is arranged by difficulty vertically. At the top are the easiest TRX exercises. As you move further down the table, the exercises become progressively more difficult. The suspension exercises on the bottom are very difficult and require elite strength and fitness to master.

Here’s the entire chart. If you’re confused about any of the exercises, head over to the original and click on the specific move. It will open up to a YouTube clip demonstrating each move.


[via Stack 52]

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