Olympic Swimmer Sun Yang Is Getting Roasted For Having Worse Teeth Than A Meth Head Who Picked Up A Side Crack Habit

Chinese swimmer Sun Yang may have won the gold in the 200 meter men’s freestyle on Tuesday, but the thrill of the medal was quickly shattered by the comments his teeth garnered on social media immediately following. You see, Sun Yang’s teeth are British at best:

And whatever…”this” is at worst:

You probably think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. The guy looks like he’s been ending his laps by swimming mouth-first into the timer pads at the ends of the pool:

Now, you may be a nice person and I may be a (sporadically) nice person, but the people who make up the majority of users on Twitter? Those assholes had a FIELD DAY with Sun Yang’s teeth, and I can’t really blame them – it’s 2016 and China is a first-world country. Your mouth shouldn’t look like it’s been put through a blender on the “pulse” setting:

Of course, there’s always that ONE person at the party who wasn’t invited but showed up anyway just to ruin everyone’s good time…

BLEGH. We’re here to have fun, not to be lectured on the reality of how legitimately “developed” China is or isn’t.

Back to the fun stuff: