New York Tabloids, NBA Fans Had Way Too Much Fun Mocking The Knicks Not Getting The No. 1 Pick

New York Tabloids NBA Fans Mocked Knicks For Not Getting No 1 Pick

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There’s just something about seeing sports teams cities like New York, Boston and Philly fail. It always seems to bring fans of every other sports team in the country out of the woodwork to gloat, mock and laugh at their missteps. Why do you suppose that is? Oh, right, because when those teams win their fans are often obnoxious AF. How could I forget?

The funny thing is, the tabloids in New York also seem to revel in the failures of the city’s sports teams. So it’s no surprise that the day after the New York Knicks failed to secure the number one overall pick (and in turn, Zion Williamson) despite having the best odds (along with the Cavs and Suns) at the NBA Draft Lottery Tuesday night, the city’s tabloids were more than happy to pounce.

Fans of every other NBA team were not any kinder once the Knicks dropped to number three.

In other NBA Draft Lottery news, LeBron seemed pretty happy with the Lakers’ pick last night.

I know. That really doesn’t help, does it Knicks fans?