The Tampa Bay Lightning Staff Left Their NHL Draft Strategy In A Random Hotel In Buffalo

When I was a pimple-faced kid fresh out of college (in May of 2015), I was going to a lot of interviews around the New York Metro area. And at every interview, I carried a folder that contained my resume as well as writing samples and potential pitches for relevant content strategies. None of this was very important to anyone except me but, no matter what kind of public transportation I found myself on, I didn’t let that folder out of my reach. And nothing I was carrying was even that important.

So I literally have zero idea how the guys from Tampa Bay just left their draft sheet lying around in a random hotel in Buffalo. And it’s not even like they left it somewhere where it would never be found, because some dude found it.

Hilariously, that guy was a Sabres fan, so when the Lightning hit him up about the Tweet, he seized the opportunity.

I hope those Tampa Bay guys lost their jobs. You don’t leave trade secrets sitting around a bar in Buffalo. It’s Buffalo. It’s the closest thing America has to the lawless Wild West. There are no rules, no terms of engagement. What if they had left something more important than their draft strategy? What if they had left a playbook or a list of all the players who had baby mamas in different cities. I don’t want my team’s dirty laundry being picked up by some hotel worker in Buffalo and put all over Twitter. I have enough trouble keeping my own unsolicited dick pics off of Twitter, I don’t want to see my problems mirrored on my team. I watch sports to forget the fact that my life is a dumpster fire, not to see that concept¬†reflected.