Floridians Are Livid With Tampa Mayor After She Appears To Put Buccaneers Over Safety Concerns

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Things are rough these days for Floridians. The Sunshine State is currently getting absolutely battered by Hurricane Ian and citizens across the state have either evacuated or sheltered in place.

The Category 4 hurricane has led to incredible seasons. Weather Channel star Jim Cantore got kneecapped by a tree branch. Another newscaster used a condom to cover their microphone from rain and wind.

Tampa, especially, has been hit hard by the storm. The reverse storm surge was so bad in the city that sucked all the water from the shores of iconic Bayshore Boulevard.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to Tampa mayor Jane Castor, who just wants to get her football fix.

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor Crushed For Tweet About Bucs-Chiefs Game

Given the threat and magnitude of the storm, you could excuse Castor is she forgot all about Sunday night’s game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs.

The NFL has already designated Minnesota’s U.S. Bank Stadium as a contingency site for the game should the Bucs not be able to host.

But in her best Lee Corso impression, Castor is now saying “not so fast!”

Castor took to Twitter on Thursday morning to let people know that she plans to forge ahead with the Sunday Night Football game.

A number of Floridians were not particularly happy about that decision or the subsequent tweet. Many felt it ignored the danger facing everyday citizens in Tampa in favor of supporting the NFL franchise.


Even some of Castor’s staff members seemed less than pleased with her photo op.


The Chiefs and Bucs are two of the league’s best teams, and the matchup is one of the best of the regular season. But that doesn’t stop fans from realizing where the game falls in order of priorities.

Not a great look!