You And I Could Have Caught This Sure Touchdown That Carolina Panthers’ Ted Ginn Flat Out Dropped

ted ginn

tedd ginn

I dropped a glass Bud Light bottle at the bar last night. It shattered everywhere. No one touched me. The bottle wasn’t slippery. It was a scene. A little bar employee with a black shirt and an excess of hair gel came over and cleaned up after me. People stared. It was embarrassing.

Even after dropping a full Bud Light and getting ignored by every girl in the bar, I’m absolutely sure I could caught this pass from Cam Newton and scored a touchdown in the NFL. It almost looked like it was harder not to catch it.

With Kelvin Benjamin knocked out for the season with a torn ACL and Ted Ginn expected to be the number 1 receiver, this doesn’t look to be a good sign for Carolina.


[h/t For The Win]