This 16-Year-Old Bro Weighed 100-Pounds Before He Started Training — One Year Later He’s JACKED

It’s Monday. And we all know that Monday sucks. On Mondays, you need a little extra motivation to get your ass to the gym. Or at least I do. I’m married, complacent, and although I don’t look out of shape, I take my current body for granted. But when I stumbled on Christian Højby Nielsen’s transformation video on Facebook this morning, it lit a fire under my ass. It was inspirational. Like Rocky VI montage-type shit. Really made me want to go out and seize the day. Maybe mow down a Russian or two. And I would have, but this work stuff tends to get in the way.

The video actually made me feel ashamed of myself for being such a lazy bag of shit. If this kid could go from 100 pounds of skin and bone to being pretty jacked in one year’s time, without the use of supplements or weights, then yeah, a bag of lazy shit am I.

According to Nielsen’s YouTube:

My epic 1 year body transformation from skinny to ripped! This video proves that any normal person with DEDICATION and WILLPOWER can achieve a strong body and mind! Its been a tough but fun journey and my life has only improved ever since i started doing CALISTHENICS! Set GOALS in your life and ACCOMPLISH them, always give the best of yourself and MOTIVATE the ones around you.

I use no weights or supplements, I only workout with my own BODYWEIGHT and only eat homemade food! No protein shakes etc.! ALL 100% NATURAL

Nice work, Christian. Way to make the rest of us look and feel like assholes.

/takes another bite of cream cheese-soaked bagel

/hates himself for it

[H/T Vince DelMonte]