Mercer Fan Sends Poor Tennessee Husband to Tent in Driveway After Second-Round Game

Tennessee fan Dewayne Lawson was banished to a tent in his driveway recently by his wife Bridget Trogden, an associate professor of chemistry at Mercer, after Tennessee easily topped the Bears in the second-round of the NCAA Tournament. No, really. This tweet from Trogden went viral soon after the game.

See, this is the kind of punishment that can drive a middle-aged man to irreparably fuck up his back. And over Mercer basketball? Did anyone at Mercer know they had a basketball team before they beat Duke? (Don’t answer that. I’m bitter and hurting.)

Anyway, this house-divided scenario was all in good fun—Trogden actually was forced to say she didn’t make her husband sleep outside—although Lawson did send this tweet shortly after his wife’s.

[H/T: Yahoo]