Twitter Punked Tennessee Football After ESPN Accidentally Used UT’s Women’s BBall Logo For Its Next Football Game

Tennessee football gets punked by Twitter after ESPN uses women's hoops logo for upcoming game

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Tennessee football hasn’t seemed to be relevant in the past 20 years, guys. Gone are the glory days of the Volunteers intimidating opponents with that “Power T” of theirs, rolling in future NFL Pro Bowlers like Peyton Manning and Reggie White, among others. Not sure what happened in Knoxville, but the program is a real shitshow — and the awfulness was punctuated with an embarrassing home loss to Georgia State to start this college football season.

Considering the fact Tennessee football is awful on the field — and undisciplined off it, as evidenced by a recent arrest to one of its players caught on camera — it’s clear the direction of the team is up in the air. Like, seriously, what in the hell happened to this once proud program?

With the Vols’ next game against one of the top-ranked teams in college football, the Georgia Bulldogs, it doesn’t look good for the orange and white. In fact, things are so bleak that even ESPN isn’t sure what team will run out of the tunnel onto the gridiron Saturday afternoon, because the website accidentally used the Tennessee Lady Vols’ logo on its website when previewing the game.


Look, honest mistake, right? Some Assistant Editor or intern over at ESPN probably had no idea that he or she was even using the wrong “T,” and just decided to drop in the first one available. But since the Lady Vols are one of the most dominant women’s basketball programs ever, Twitter wasn’t as forgiving for the mistake — which has since been corrected.

With Tennessee football an absolute embarrassment, here’s what some on social media had to say after seeing the error.

If this happened to any other college team, there might not have been such hilarity. Unfortunately, with Tennessee football terrible AF and its women’s hoops team anything but, the jokes couldn’t help but roll on in. While that has to hurt, it probably won’t be as bad as the (presumed) blowout loss the Vols’ are about to take from the Bulldogs on Saturday.

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