Ben Joyce Records The Fastest Pitch In College Baseball History At 105.5 MPH

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  • Tennessee pitcher Ben Joyce has become one of college baseball’s most dominant arms
  • The Volunteer reliever threw a 105.5 MPH pitch on Sunday, the highest mark in the sport this season
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Ben Joyce has become one of the headliners of the college baseball season.

The right-handed reliever has taken the sport by storm, hitting triple digits on a regular basis on radar guns. He’s been clocked at 103 MPH multiple times throughout the season. At one point in the season, he actually threw so hard he popped his belt on the mound.

Imagine getting hit by a pitch like that. One umpire found out how it feels the hard way, taking a fastball off the dome, sending him to his knees.

The speeds have been jaw dropping for spectators, but on Sunday, the reliever recorded an even more ridiculous feat by reaching his highest mark of the season.

Ben Joyce hits 105.5 MPH on the radar gun

In the series finale versus Auburn, Joyce did something that most Major Leaguers can only dream of. The Volunteer pitcher reached a speed just under 106 MPH. It’s the second fastest pitch recorded in baseball history.

At 105.5 MPH, the pitch speed trails only Aroldis Chapman’s 105.8 MPH in the 2010 season with the Reds. That would also make it the fastest pitch recorded in college baseball history.

Joyce and the Vols would up winning the game to improve to 40-4 on the year. They’ll remain the No. 1 team in the country after winning yet another SEC series.

Joyce will have a few more opportunities to break his record as Tennessee continues through its 2022 season.