This Tennessee Vs. Vanderbilt Women’s Basketball Sequence Is So Bad It Nearly Broke My Brain

Patrick Murphy-Racey/Getty Images

You have every right to feel wrongfully hungover today after witnessing what may have been one of the least eventful football games since players stopped wearing leather helmets and were prohibited from smoking cigarettes on the bench. I’m a Patriots fan and I can remember thinking to myself, “I made homemade pigs in a blanket for this?”

If your Super Bowl party wasn’t as lit as you would have liked, find solace in the fact that it could always be worse. You could have spent your Sunday watching the Tennessee Lady Vols take on the Vanderbilt Commodores in an SEC battle.

The following sequence literally broke my brain and I know Pat Summitt is rolling around in her grave at what may be the most pathetic 22 seconds of competitive basketball ever recorded.

Tennessee (15-7) would go on to beat the lowly Commodores (6-16) by a score of 82-65, which proves that there were actual baskets made. But, I’ve been working on the internet for far too long to believe that world wide webbers are inclined to focus on the positives…

Carry on, friends.

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