Terrell Owens Sends A Blunt Message To Antonio Brown That’s Sure To Get Under AB’s Skin

  • After Antonio Brown commented about Terrell Owens on the ‘Full Send Podcast’, legendary WR T.O. came back with a blunt message that’s sure to get under Antonio Brown’s skin
  • Terrell Owens makes it clear that he can do anything he chooses and he uses AB’s own words to speak some sense in to Antonio Brown’s head after a tumultuous few weeks
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Terrell Owens is one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history. He led the NFL three times in receiving touchdowns and ranks 3rd all-time in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. Antonio Brown ranks 24th all-time in receiving yards (3,643 yards behind T.O.) and he ranks 24th in receiving touchdowns with 83, or 70 less than Terrell’s 150 TDs.

The stats don’t lie. Terrell Owens has had a much better NFL career than Antonio Brown. But that hasn’t stopped an ongoing feud between the two. Antonio Brown brought up Terrell Owens during his appearance on the ‘Full Send Podcast’ after Terrell Owens previously hopped on Twitter to talk facts. A viral tweet went around showing a picture of T.O. and AB with the caption asking who is/was the bigger diva. Terrell Owens responded with “Wow. Respectfully and Disrespectfully, there’s no comparison. Clearly, you’ve been drinking the kool-aid.”

Terrell later threw his name in the hat as a wide receiver replacement for Antonio Brown after the Bucs cut AB which prompted a discussion about TO’s age, he’s 48 years old. Now, Terrell Owens is defending himself with a blunt message for Antonio Brown that’s certain to get under AB’s skin as T.O. uses Antonio’s own words against him.

Terrell Owens HasBlunt Message For Antonio Brown

The message from Terrell Owens to Antonio Brown couldn’t be any clearer: all of the ‘best on myself’ talk coming out applies to T.O. as much if not more than anyone else. Owens all made it clear that Antonio Brown would be better off focusing on his own life right now.

Here is Terrell’s direct quote to Antonio Brown around the 2-minute mark of this video:

“At the end of the day, A.B., I’m not the enemy, bro. I’m really not. At the end of the day, what you brought on yourself, that’s on you. I have nothing to do with that. Yeah, I’m 48 and I can get down at 48. It doesn’t make any difference, age is nothing but a number for me.

So who are you to say what I can’t do? You even said it in your podcast, you said it shortly after that. I can do whatever I feel like I want to do. All I have to do is be given the opportunity.?

That segment came from the Fubo Sport’s Network’s Getcha Popcorn Ready with T.O. and Hatch and the full segment will run at 7 pm ET on Tuesday.

This was from last week, and as a Bucs fan, I say ‘why not’ give Terrell Owens the chance to at least prove what he can do?

Why not? What’s the worst that could happen?