Terrell Owens Reminds The NFL Marvin Harrison Was Once Accused Of Shooting Someone When They Left Him Off Of Top 10 Receivers List

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Terrell Owens has a bone to pick with the NFL after being left off the league’s 10 best receivers in the last 100 years.

On Friday night, the The NFL their NFL 100 All-Time list which included the 10 best receivers from the league’s 100 seasons but Owens , who is third all-time in receiving yards (15,934) and receiving touchdowns (156), was left off the list, but Marvin Harrison made the team ahead of him.

Owens was not happy with the NFL and put them on blast on Twitter.

Owens then went on to criticize the NFL for putting Marvin Harrison, who was once accused of shooting someone and having them killed back in 2009, on the list.

It is worth noting that no charges were ever filed against Harrison in the shooting case in 2009.