Odell Beckham Jr.’s Jacked Cousin Terron Took On A Professional Bodybuilder In A Bench Press Competition

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terron beckham bench press contest

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When his leg isn’t totally shattered, Odell Beckham Jr. can be one of the most formidable forces on the football field, but he isn’t the only member of his family blessed with some absolutely ridiculous athletic talents. A couple of years ago, we were introduced to his ridiculously jacked cousin Terron Beckham, who put on a show at his pro day but wasn’t eventually signed to an NFL team despite the best wishes of his slightly more famous relative.

Beckham (the less successful one) has continued to grind since then and is still in search of a team who might be interested in his talents. In the meantime, he’s working his ass off in training, as is evidenced by this video where he faced off with former Steelers lineman Kevin Whimpey and pro bodybuilder Joel Thomas in a bench press competition.

TEST Football Academy got the trio together to see how football players would fare against someone who’s devoted their life to getting as jacked as possible. Beckham— who hadn’t played football since high school— managed to bang out 44 reps at 225 pounds at an unofficial combine in 2016, but the stakes were raised in this case as contestants had to deal with two more 45-pound plates getting thrown onto the bar.

He was the first to take the bench in the contest and managed 17 reps at 315 pounds. It wasn’t enough to top Whimpey— who came away with 25— but neither man came close to matching the man who does nothing but inhale supplements and lift weights, as Thomas walked away the winner with a total of 35.

However, something tells me he’d have a hard time topping Beckham’s 45″ vertical.


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