Texans LBs Showed Up To Colts Game Dressed In Mortal Kombat Costumes After Giving Up 41 Points The Previous Week And Fans Finished Them

Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Texans defense was coming off a week in which Lamar Jackson threw for four touchdowns and rushed for 86 more in a lopsided 41-7 defeat. I give them a pass because it’s Lamar Jackson.

But, the Texans defense rank in the bottom third of the league in total defense, so the Texans linebackers arriving to their Thursday Night Football game against the Colts swagged up is like me arriving to my junior prom with a pocket full of condoms even though I didn’t have a date.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Mediocre Kombat.

In their defense, the Texans defense allowed the Colts to score just 17 points in a 20-17 win, under their 22.6 points per game allowed average. I’m willing to excuse the fact that they let Jonathan Williams run for 100+ yards on the ground and a score.

Believe it or not, fans on the internet were not as quick to forgive them for their lackluster performance the week prior.

Dress for the job you want, my friends.

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