Texans May Trade Back As Reports Indicate They’re Fielding Offers

Texans helmet

Getty Image / Timothy T Ludwig

Rumors are in full swing across the NFL right now with the draft quickly nearing.

The Houston Texans have the second overall pick and there’s been plenty of speculation about who they might select.

However, it sounds like the franchise might be open to trading back after the latest reports.

According to James Palmer, the Texans’ general manager Nick Caserio admits teams have been calling Houston about the number two pick overall. From the sounds of it, he’s at listening to offers.

This doesn’t exactly mean the Texans are going to trade the pick. But, considering there are several holes on the roster, trading back could be extremely vital for this organization.

Ian Rapoport adds that Caserio is open to listening to offers. However, for now, it’s unclear whether the pick is actually available or not.

There is plenty of trade buzz right now, as teams are likely vying for position to ensure they select the player they want.

Multiple organizations have conducted thorough scouting on the quarterback class. If the Texans opt to not select a quarterback, they could end up receiving a haul via trade.

This year’s NFL Draft might just consist of multiple crazy trades in the first round. We’ve already seen the Chicago Bears trade back the first pick overall.

Could the Texans follow suit and trade the second pick overall? We’ll see what happens, as there is still plenty of time between now and the draft.

Keep your eyes peeled for any updates regarding the Texans, as they certainly could be making a big move within the next two weeks.