Texans Punk 40-Year-Old Punter Shane Lechler With A Pair Of Stephen Curry ‘Dad Shoes’ As A Birthday Gift

Remember when the Internet shit all over those Stephen Curry 2 lows by saying they’re “Dad shoes?” It turns out the Houston Texans are still laughing over the joke, because they just burned 40-year-old punter Shane Lechler with a pair of them for his birthday.

Per Peter King’s MMQB via SI.com:

Sunday was punter Shane Lechler’s 40th birthday. On Sunday night, O’Brien and players Vince Wilfork, Brian Cushing and Johnathan Joseph called Lechler to the front of the team auditorium, gave him a cake shaped like the number 40, and also got him a walker, some Rogaine, and those Steph Curry sneakers people think look old-fashioned.

As everyone saw on last year’s Hard Knocks—which featured the Texans—the team knows how to have some fun, so shitting all over Lechler with Curry’s old man shoes, along with the Rogaine and walker, is just the latest example of the team doing just that.

[H/T FOX Sports]

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